Pulse Processing

Pulse Processing

Western Canada’s best location for your next pulse processing facility

There are 3,163 farms growing pulses on 606,962 acres in the Palliser region, according to the 2016 Census of Agriculture. Chickpeas, lentils and dry beans grown in the Palliser region account for 80% of Alberta’s pulse crop production.

Alberta’s Palliser region is home to the vast majority of Canada’s irrigated land. St Mary River Irrigation District delivers water to over 370,000 acres while the Eastern Irrigation District provides water to an additional 300,000 acres.

The Oyen Rail Yard, part of the CN Rail network, provides 155 acres of railside land and approximately 1,000 of rail siding. The Foremost Rail Yard connects to CP Rail via the Forty Mile Rail short line rail. The cities of Medicine Hat and Brooks also have rail siding land ready for development. For grain and pulse processing companies in need of rail access, the Palliser region has multiple options to consider.

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  • Nearly 700,000 acres of irrigated land and 80% of Alberta’s pulse production means pulse processing facilities will have all the feedstock they need in the Palliser region.
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